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Explain The Advantages Of Acrylic Photo Frames

2015-06-12 14:50:00        0


I believe that acrylic frames are familiar to everyone, that is, photo frames made of acrylic as the main material. Let's discuss the advantages of this product together.

1. Good oxidation resistance, not easy to deform and discolor.

2. Lightweight

Acrylic material density is smaller than glass and much lighter than the same volume.

3. Easy to shape, not easy to break

Compared with the commonly used glass and ordinary plastic products on the market, the advantages of the new material acrylic are very obvious.

4. Good transparency, strong resistance and good plasticity

Compared with ordinary plastic materials, the transparency of acrylic frames is good, and the transparency of transparent plates is better than that of glass. Compared with the traditional material of glass, the advantages of acrylic are more prominent, and the strong resistance is a distinct advantage. It is said that in some countries it has been legislated that the window glass of children's activity venues will be replaced by acrylic sheets, precisely because of its strong resistance and non-breaking.

5. Processing

Acrylic photo frames can be softened and shaped at 180 ° C, and can be shaped by cooling to room temperature.