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The Five Main Points Of The Acrylic Display Stand When Purchasing

2015-01-13 14:55:00        0


The acrylic display stand is specially used to display the goods of the goods. The goods are mainly displayed and displayed by the products in order to attract the attention of the consumers, so we must not be sloppy in the process of purchasing. The main points are as follows:

1, pay attention to observe the color of the display stand. The quality of the superior color is uniform, and the integrity is good, which must be paid attention to when purchasing.

2. The thickness of the material is also one of the criteria for simply measuring the quality of the acrylic display stand. Because of the different materials used, the thickness will definitely be different. Buyers can identify the quality of this product by comparing it to the standard thickness.

3. Pay attention to the light transmission of the acrylic display stand when purchasing. Due to the light transmission properties of good acrylic materials, superior quality generally has good light transmission.

4. The stability of the acrylic display stand and its pressure bearing capacity must also be taken into account. A good display frame is within the standard load-bearing range, and there is no deformation or slight distortion when the item is placed on the shelf.

5. When you purchase, you can also judge the quality by touch. The high-quality products have a smooth, smooth surface and are not easy to leave fingerprints or other marks.