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What Are The Main Features Of The Mobile Phone Display Stand?

2015-06-12 14:20:00        0


Mobile phone display stands are generally made of plexiglass. What are the main features of this display stand?

1. Improve performance: Marketing has been upgraded from the traditional “narrative” to the innovative “experience”, from the “recommended” of the clerk to the “self-selection” of the customer. The consumers conveniently and quickly select products and services to facilitate consumption. At the same time, it enhances corporate performance.

2, reduce costs: a large number of exhibits, less promotion staff, reducing costs for many aspects of the enterprise.

3, expand the space: the display area can be close to the wall, increase the amount of display, greatly expand the actual display space of the store.

4, convenient operation: in the decoration of the mobile phone display stand, only need to leave the positioning hole and pull hole, you can install and use, saving time and effort.