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Acrylic custom manufacturer
Refined products, art and beauty

Acrylic customization

Design acrylic into the form required by users and give full play to its value

Customization advantage

Focus on one material, continue to improve the professionalism, and provide customers with a reassuring choice

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    Professional experience

    Has been focusing on one material, serving more than10Ten thousand Customer

  • 02

    Rich in technology

    CuttingCNCCarving, polishing, oil spraying, sandblasting, hot bending, seamless hot pressing, bonding and other dozens of processing technologies Customer

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    Prompt delivery

    Well equipped production line and experienced professionals provide reliable guarantee for product delivery Customer

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    Complete sample

    Cover20 Industry, with more than5000 Reference sample Customer

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    Stable quality

    Accord withISO9001Management system certification, stable texture, no discoloration, no yellowing Customer

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    Thoughtful service

    The customer manager provides one-to-one service from docking design to after-sales service. all customer needs are24Provide processing results within hours. Customer

Technological process

Strictly implement professional standards in every link, and do not miss any small details to improve quality

About us

A kind of material, a business, has been working hard

  Shenzhen Jiayimei Organic Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the processing, design and production of plexiglass (acrylic) products. Based on the business philosophy of “Thinking for customers”, the company brings together a large number of engineers and technicians who have been developing in the plexiglass industry for many years and serve the society wholeheartedly.

Latest information

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