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Are Acrylic Products Poisonous?

2015-09-30 18:05:00        0


We all know that the application of acrylic products is now very extensive, but there are always friends who are worried about whether acrylic products are toxic or not. Acrylic is used as a new material in every corner of life. Because he is a new material, many people don't understand this material, so they are worried that acrylic products will be poisonous. As a professional acrylic display manufacturer, Jiayimei is here to tell you about acrylic.

First of all, Jiayimei tells us that Acrylic is a new type of thermoplastic plastic with a melting point of about 130-140 degrees and a chemical formula of (C5O2H8)n, so it produces carbon dioxide and water in the case of full combustion. Therefore, acrylic does not produce a chemical reaction at normal temperature, and of course, it does not produce toxic gases. The acrylic used by Jiayimei Company is a high-quality acrylic sheet that does not contain toxins. The national inspection-free products can be purchased and used with confidence.

  However, there is one exception. When the temperature exceeds 130-140 degrees, harmful gases are generated in an aerobic environment. For example, sometimes the acrylic factory often produces an unpleasant smell in the workshop. This is acrylic. Harmful gases generated in the case of insufficient combustion, so those working in the acrylic workshop should wear protective masks and the workshop should be kept ventilated so that there is no harm. Of course, as long as the temperature does not reach the melting point of the acrylic, it is safe and does not produce any toxins. Everyone can safely buy enough.