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How Should The Cosmetics Display Stand And Cosmetics Be Matched?

2015-06-09 14:30:00        0

Cosmetic display stands are mainly used to display and promote the role of cosmetics, which brings a wide range of business opportunities for the sale of cosmetics. Of course, if you want to get a better display effect, the matching between the cosmetics display stand and the cosmetics must be reasonable, then how should it be better to match?

1, primary color matching: This method is to emphasize a color effect by emphasizing the contrast coordination between the primary colors, generally using a high purity primary color, such as black, white, gray and red, blue, green and so on. Any kind of solid color combined with black, white and gray can easily form a harmonious configuration. This feature is high in saturation and conspicuous, otherwise it is not.

2, contrast color matching: two far apart or relative color matching, such as yellow and purple, red and turquoise, blue and orange, black and white. This color matching is strong and has a strong visual impact.

3, the same type of matching: a certain color by adding black or white to make it deeper or lighter to match, this easy to give a soft impression, can be used to create some light and shadow and layer effect and dynamic light and shadow residual effect .

In the color matching of the cosmetics display stand, it should be considered according to the theme content, nature and category of the commodity management industry. If the match is not good, it will cause a bad feeling. If there are many colors, be sure to pay attention to the change in color hue.