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What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Production Of Acrylic Products?

2015-06-02 14:25:00        0


What should be paid attention to during the production of acrylic products?

1. Rigid inorganic fillers increase the toughness during the production of acrylic products. The addition of ultra-fine rigid inorganic filler in the production can promote the shear yielding of the matrix during the fracture process, and can absorb a large amount of plastic deformation, which leads to the transformation of the brittleness and toughness of the material matrix.

2. Use rigid organic fillers of acrylic products to increase toughness. When the acrylic material is stretched, the difference between the matrix and the dispersed spheroid causes the material matrix to exert a strong pressure on the rigid organic filler, thereby transforming the toughness, and the rigid organic filler particles undergo "cold flow" deformation and absorption. Plastic deformation can increase the toughness of the material.