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What Are The Bonding Techniques For Plexiglass Display Stands?

2015-12-21 15:05:00        0

We all know that the bonding work of plexiglass display stands with certain skills, but many of the small partners do not know the specific techniques of the bonding work of plexiglass display stand. As a professional plexiglass display stand manufacturer, Jiayimei Let me introduce you to you in detail today.

Bevel bonding:

In this bonding method, the bonding bevel must be at a 90 degree angle to prevent displacement of the surface to be bonded. Apply plexiglass adhesives evenly and slowly. The master can be removed after it has been fully cured. This must be noted.

Facade bonding:

This bonding method is applied to a wide range of bonding techniques and is widely used in the production of various plexiglass articles. First wipe the surface to be bonded clean. Then, it is good to use the master to achieve the bonding, so that the adhesive does not shake, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the bonding. Bonding of plexiglass sheets with a thickness of 3 mm or less can be done by directly and slowly injecting plexiglass UV glue from one side with a syringe. The plexiglass plate with a thickness of more than 3mm can be bonded to the fine metal wire, and the bonding can be completed by capillary action. The wire can be extracted before the adhesive is cured, or the tape can be protected by sticking to the part that does not need to be adhered. The adhesive is applied to the adhesive layer, and then placed in a plexiglass plate to extrude air bubbles.


Plane bonding:

Plane bonding is a special method. First wipe the surface to be cleaned and place it horizontally, and put a proper amount of plexiglass UV glue on it. One side of another plexiglass plate was placed obliquely on the plexiglass to which the adhesive was applied, and then uniformly placed down, and the bubbles were extruded from one side to complete the bonding.

The plexiglass display frame bonding skills are mainly three kinds of bevel bonding, façade bonding and plane bonding. As long as the plexiglass display frame bonding work is carried out according to the above method, the plexiglass display frame can be completed. How about picking up the job? Is it a heartbeat? Then try it.