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How To Clean The Plexiglass Display Stand?

2015-07-16 17:55:00        0


Nowadays, the use of plexiglass is more and more extensive, and the application of it is more than plexiglass display stand. However, some small partners have always neglected the maintenance of the plexiglass display stand after using the plexiglass display stand. Its maintenance function is to maintain a bright luster while using it. Now the question is, how to clean the plexiglass display stand? Let's take a look at the plexiglass display stand manufacturer.

If you are not interested in stains that are more difficult to clean, you can choose a milder cleaner. A mild detergent is applied with clean water and wiped with a soft cloth strip to prevent damage to the surface of the display frame and to make the display stand lose its luster.




Occasional use of these products to assist in maintenance helps maintain the gloss of the acrylic and sheet. If you are afraid of the use of the frame for too long, the gloss will be dim. You can try to wipe the liquid polishing wax evenly on the surface with a soft cloth like a car wax to protect the plexiglass from the outside.

As a kind of display props exposed to the air for a long time, the plexiglass display stand will inevitably have certain stains and dust on the surface. To keep the gloss of the display stand, it is necessary to keep it clean first. Regular cleaning can effectively maintain the gloss of the display.

By doing the above methods, the plexiglass display stand can more effectively keep the surface of the display stand smooth, and can maintain the luster and be as bright as ever. If you still have questions, you can also call us.