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How To Deal with Scratches During The Processing Of Acrylic?

2015-07-23 18:15:00        0


Nowadays, the application of acrylic has been very extensive. Nowadays, many industries use acrylic materials to make products, such as hotel supplies, shopping mall display racks, acrylic sheets for decoration, and so on. However, Acrylic often accidentally scratches when processing. Some small partners don't know how to deal with this situation. As a professional acrylic display manufacturer, let's introduce it to you in detail today.

Since the surface hardness of the acrylic sheet is equivalent to aluminum, it is easy to be scratched if it is not noticed during processing. If you encounter this situation, should you handle this?

Shenzhen Jiayi US Acrylic manufacturers' recommendations:

Scratch is more common in the process of acrylic processing national policy. Generally, it can be restored to its original glossy surface by polishing. Otherwise, the scratch will affect the aesthetics of the large acrylic display frame, and ultimately affect the appearance of the product. There is also the acrylic plate is also easy to generate static electricity to absorb dust, so the cleaning work can not be sloppy, must use a soft cotton cloth to wipe with 1% soapy water when cleaning, this method is very simple, it is also considered the acrylic display stand Advantage.

The above is the processing method of the scratch condition in the acrylic processing process which is summarized by the acrylic manufacturer Jiayimei. If you have any questions, you can also consult us directly.